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21.dubna 2022, 18.00 hod, Pivovar Modrá Hvězda - Nám.TGM 159, Dobřany...
...ochucený světlý ležák, aroma, alc 4,5%, IBU 36

About our brewery

The private mini-brewery Modrá Hvězda Dobřany is a building which, with its unique architecture and location, enables the connection of the brewery, restaurant, hotel and brewery garden into a single unit. Our goal is to maintain the traditional methods of brewing beer using the highest quality ingredients. Dobřanská water, which in terms of composition meets the strictest requirements for water quality, also speaks for the uniqueness of our beer.

In the beer menu of the Modrá Hvězda Dobřany Brewery
you will find up to twelve types of beer:
  • Dobřanská desítka - tap light 10%,
  • Dobřanský Hospodář - wheat lager 11%,
  • Dobřansky Borec - light lager 11%
  • Dobřanské bitter beer (DPH) - top lager A.P.A. 11%
  • Dobřanska hvezda - light lager 12%
  • Dobřanska star - dark special 14%
  • We have Dobřanské bitter beer (VAT) in three variants - top
  • Special 15% light, semi-dark Amber 15% and black Black IPA 15%,
  • Dobřansky Dragoon - semi-dark special 16%,
  • Dobřanský Sekáč - light special 17%,
  • Dobřansky Svaty Vit - extra special 23%

The quality of our beers also includes awards from beer competitions, which we defend every year.

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