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Beer order

Bottles of beerThe order form is used to select beers from our brewery, for which you will either come directly to us or we will deliver them to you free of charge to the address you specify. Beers are bottled in 2l PET bottles.

Our beers

Price in liters including PET bottles and 21% VAT

Beer 1,5 l 2 l
Dobřanská Desítka - light tap 10% 101 133
Dobřanský Hospodář - wheat lager 11% 131 173
Dobřanský Borec - top lager 11% 131 173
Dobřanské Pivo Hořké A.P.A. – upper special 11% 131 173
Dobřanská Modrá Hvězda –  light lager 12% 131 173
Dobřanská Modrá Hvězda – cut special 13% 151 200
Dobřanská Modrá Hvězda – dark special 14% 151 200
Dobřanské Pivo Hořké I.P.A – top special 15% 151 200
Dobřanský Dragoun – semi-dark special 16% 151 200
Dobřanský Sekáč – light special 17% 151 200
Hvězda - flavored beer / according to the current offer/ 151 200


Dobřanské Pivo is produced by the famous Czech technology using traditional raw materials, ie. malt, hops and water. The capacity of the entire facility of the Modrá Hvězda Dobřany Brewery is approximately 1,500 hl of beer per year. All Dobřanské Beer exhibited is served as yeast unfiltered, ie slightly turbid. Turbidity is formed by brewer's yeast, which is removed by filtration in ordinary beer.


However, yeast contains a significant amount of vitamins and other substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body.
The actual production of beer is a relatively complex process, which basically consists of three main phases.


The first phase of production takes place in the brewery, which is part of the interior of the restaurant. In this process, the starch contained in the malt is first broken down by means of suitably selected temperatures. This is followed by the separation of the malt in the straining vat and boiling with hops, which creates the so-called wort. The whole batch lasts about 12 hours followed by cooling.


The wort is pumped into a fermentation tank, brewer's yeast is added and this is the beginning of the second phase - the main fermentation, which lasts 7 days. After the main fermentation, the young beer is transferred to a lager tank, in which the final phase of production, final fermentation or maturation of beer takes place. The maturation time depends on the original gradation - for 12-beer it is around 5 - 6 weeks. After the final fermentation, the beer is tapped from lager tanks.

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